להזמנת החדר

Hello hunters,
Thank you for coming, we need your help, Mrs. Thompson told investigators she tried to contact with the deceased husband through a seance and since then strange things began to happen at home,she is currently hospitalized in Psychiatric hospital
here she told doctors that she hears voices of children at home. But after searching instead there's no evidence at the scene of children. The neighbors are complaining about strange noises come from the house, because this is your area of expertise are you ready to leave behind the fear and go to where the logic is meaningless?

  • 2-6 שחקנים
  • 60 דקות
  • Menahem Begin 90, Tel-Aviv

Age +15 / 8+ accompanied by parents

  • נשים בהריון
  • לקויי שמיעה
  • מונגש לנכים
  • לקויי ראיה
  • אנגלית
  • רוסית

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