Mission Impossible

להזמנת החדר

You are the best students of Ethan Hunt.
Today when major corporations dominate the world's economy through bribery and extortion of the various governments of key personnel. There is one company that transcends them all we can not remain indifferent actions.
Your task is if you accept it - is to bring down the Company once and for all.
You will use the virus on this USB flash drive, your goal is to get in and charge it to a central computer that's Properly secured
for this purpose we managed to buy you a window when all office personals will attend a  lecture by our own agent that Took place instead of the real lecturer
you have one hour available!
dood luck agents.

  • 2-6 שחקנים
  • 60 דקות
  • Menahem Begin 90, Tel-Aviv

Age +15 / 8+ accompanied by parents

  • נשים בהריון
  • אנגלית
  • מונגש לנכים
  • לקויי ראיה
  • לקויי שמיעה
  • רוסית

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