Casino Royale

להזמנת החדר

The casino was bought by new owners and is slated for demolition,the Aoknnol crime family found out that the new owners plans to transfer the remaining money in the safe of the casino before the demolition and decided to send a team of skilled criminals to rob him.You discovered that today after the closing party in the casino the criminals planning to attack they will use the time when the money is being transferd to the truck and all alarms will be disabled at that time and leaving the casino vulnerable to attack. 
your job is to enter the safe before them, empty it and get out before them come.
you have one hour before the criminal team arrives!
remember they are better armed and stronger then you.

  • 2-6 שחקנים
  • 60 דקות
  • Menahem Begin 90, Tel-Aviv

Age +15 / 8+ accompanied by parents

  • נשים בהריון
  • לקויי שמיעה
  • אנגלית
  • מונגש לנכים
  • לקויי ראיה
  • רוסית

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