להזמנת החדר

You are now entering the shoes of the forensic department of the Tel Aviv District.
You came to investigate the highly publicized murder of District Attorney Jordan.
Jordan was one of the country's leading prosecutors and focused on organized crime, the case that's now his main focus is sending the head of the Mafia Don Giuseppe to the electric chair.
The prosecutor found dead in his apartment this morning.
The mayor and the commander of the station demanding immediate answers to the press conference.
Your goal is to find the evidence that will help you discover who the real suspect, to unravel the murder and arrest him! 
you have one hour before the press conference.

  • 2-6 שחקנים
  • 60 דקות
  • Menahem Begin 90, Tel-Aviv

Age +15 / 8+ accompanied by parents

  • נשים בהריון
  • לקויי שמיעה
  • אנגלית
  • מונגש לנכים
  • לקויי ראיה
  • רוסית

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