Little about us

Little about us

All you have to do - decide who you want to be.
A hunter, an undercover agent, or perhaps a sophisticated criminal? Ready ...

Our rules:
We are forced to restrict the entry of players aged 16 and under. Except for family games where players at age 8 or older will be allowed to accompany their parents. The game is not recommended for those with heart problems or for pregnant women.
Entry into the Quest is conditional upon the deposit of cell phones and any other type of communication in locked cells in order to allow you to enjoy the game without interference.

"The Quest Games" reserves the right to stop the game at any time, without a refund due to a significant violation of the rules of the game.
When registering for the game, you must provide your real name and phone numbers. pay attention !!! If you do not specify your phone number, or an existing phone number will not be delivered, your order will automatically be deleted and you will not be able to play the game.
Payment is in cash or credit before the start of the game.
As the Quest progresses, remember that this is a game, and you must not break / destroy / rip, take things with you after the game. If you break something, then the game ends automatically for you, and you will have to pay compensation for the damage caused by you.

After opening doors or boxes during the game, the keys must be left inside the locks.
There will be no participation in the game for people under the influence of alcohol / drugs, as well as children under the age of 16 unaccompanied adult.
You can stop the game at any time without explanation. Payment for the game will not be refunded.
Please try to get to the game 10-15 minutes before it starts. If you delay, your playing time will be reduced during the delay. Remember that there are other games after you.

It is forbidden:
Break furniture, walls, doors and other objects in the room. The principle of quest - logic and observation, physical strength in this game is not mandatory.
Take as a souvenir objects and elements of the game.
In the event of a break of one or more of the roles, the Game Operator may at any time terminate the Game without refunding the money paid for it.